Indicator Playground

Indicator PlayGround (TM) allows you to visualize reliationship between price and indicator values. You can vary future price and see changes in indicator or vary indicator values and see the changes in price. It is conviniently integrated in Interactive Stock Charts application for the ease of use! Currently, four indicators are supported: RSI, CCI, ROC, William%R but more can be added.

What's it for?

It is useful to plan your next trade by targetting certain indicator levels as support or resistance, thus setting limit or stop order prices. For example, if you want to buy a stock breaking out of RSI(14) 70 level. You can set RSI indicator to 70, and observe its project price in the next trading session, thus set a stop buy order.

Also, the graphical nature of this tool helps you visualize the relationship between price action and indicator changes. Most of time, they are not linear. This gives you an intuitive sense how to anticipate the future.!

Demo video:

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