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Last update: 2024-5-24

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Screener results are computed twice daily: For US/Canada market, at 11 am EST (UTC-4), and for NSE/Asian market, at 11 am India time, (UTC+5). News sentiment updated at 12 am EST, and 5:30 pm EST. This schedule is primarily designed to account for both US and Asian markets. Update time varies depending on market volatility. I want to make sure market is reasonably stable before running pattern screeners to get more accurate results. Same day results are only available for Screener package subscribers. See for details

Chart Patterns

Filter namehelp linkLast detection
Double Top[?]2024-5-24
Double Bottom[?]2024-5-24
Head and Shoulder (bearish)[?]2024-5-24
Reverse Head and Shoulder (bullish)[?]2024-5-24
Flat channel breakout (span 100)[?]2024-5-24
Flat channel breakout (span 200)[?]2024-5-24
Flat channel breakout (span 400)[?]2024-5-24
Flat channel drop (span 100)[?]2024-5-24
Flat channel drop (span 200)[?]2024-5-24
Flat channel drop (span 400)[?]2024-5-24
Fast risers (20 days)[?]2024-5-24
Fast Decliner (20 days)[?]2024-5-24
Rounding bottom complete[?]2024-5-23
Rounding bottom Potential[?]2024-5-24

Trend lines

Filter namehelp linkLast detection
Top line breakout (bullish)[?]2024-5-24
Bottom line breakdown (bearish)[?]2024-5-24
Triangular Consolidation (Wedge)[?]2024-5-24
Near resistance topline alert[?]2024-5-24
Near support bottomline alert[?]2024-5-24

9,13 Count Trend Reversal

Filter namehelp linkLast detection
Buy Reversal Complete[?]2024-5-24
Sell Reversal Complete[?]2024-5-24
Buy Exhaustion Complete[?]2024-5-24
Sell Exhaustion Complete[?]2024-5-24


Filter namehelp linkLast detection
RSI(14) Under 30[?]2024-5-24
RSI(14) Over 70[?]2024-5-24
RSI(30) Under 30[?]2024-5-24
RSI(30) Over 70[?]2024-5-24
RSI(30) Crossing over 30 (bullish)[?]2024-5-24
RSI(30) Crossing down 70 (bearish)[?]2024-5-24
RSI(14) Crossing over 30 (bullish)[?]2024-5-24
RSI(14) Crossing down 70 (bearish)[?]2024-5-24
Fast Stochastic(20,20) %K over 80[?]2024-5-24
Slow Stochastic(20,20) %K under 20[?]2024-5-24
Slow Stochastic(20,20) %K over 80[?]2024-5-24
Slow Stochastic(20,20) %K cross over %D UP[?]2024-5-24
Slow Stochastic(20,20) %K cross over %D DOWN[?]2024-5-24
MACD(5, 20, 5) Center cross over bullish[?]2024-5-24
MACD(5, 20, 5) Center cross over bearish[?]2024-5-24
MACD(5, 20, 5) Signal line cross over bullish[?]2024-5-24
MACD(5, 20, 5) Signal line cross over bearish[?]2024-5-24
ADX(14) under 20 (Weak trend)[?]2024-5-24
ADX(14) over 40 (Strong trend)[?]2024-5-24
+DI(14) crosses over -DI(14) (bullish)[?]2024-5-24
-DI(14) crosses over +DI(14) (bearish)[?]2024-5-24
MFI(30) over 80[?]2024-5-24
MFI(30) under 20[?]2024-5-24
MACD(9, 60, 32) Center cross over bullish[?]2024-5-24
MACD(9, 60, 32) Center cross over bearish[?]2024-5-24
MACD(9, 60, 32) Signal line cross over bullish[?]2024-5-24
MACD(9, 60, 32) Signal line cross over bearish[?]2024-5-24
Aroon(20) Cross Up[?]2024-5-24
Aroon(20) Cross Down[?]2024-5-24

Basic Statistics

Filter namehelp linkLast detection
New 52 week high[?]2024-5-24
New 52 week low[?]2024-5-24
Volume surge (3x past 100 day average)[?]2024-5-24
Unusual price increase (greater than 25%)[?]2024-5-24
Unusual price decrese (less than 25%)[?]2024-5-24
5 or more consecutive Up days[?]2024-5-24
5 or more consecutive Down days[?]2024-5-24
New 3-year high[?]2024-5-24

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