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Powerful Screeners and Interactive Charts!

Screenulator provides daily screening for 21,000 US and international stocks in 17 world markets on Chart Patterns and technical indicators. Screenulator.com uses the AI based chart pattern recognition and automated trendline capabilities, as well as state of the art TR/TD short term signals. By using machine Deep Learning Neural Networks algorithms, the selected stocks with desired chart patterns and TR/TD signals are highly reliable and profitable. Chart patterns include trendline support, resistance, head and shoulder, double tops, channels, wedges (triangular consolidation), flat channel breakouts and rounding bottoms. As well, we also support various basic technical indicators such as RSI, MACD and stochastics, volume analysis screening. You can also customize your own screeners by combining chart pattern, TA indicators, and basic price statistics. Interactive Stock Charts is the industry leading charting application (supporting desktop Java, mobile Android and Apple iOS platforms), and an intuitive and convenient way to manage portfolio, chart analysis and access Screenulator's powerful screeners!

Even though Screenulator does not "pick" the stocks and tell you when to trade (it is up to your trading strategy), it is a tool to help you quickly weed through thousands of stocks daily without spending hours looking through hundreds of charts one by one. You can simply select the most probable winning cadidates in short amount of time.

A recent addition of TR / TD indicator ( See Demo Videodramatically improves short term accuracy on intraday trades. TR is short for "Trend Reversal" which compliments well with trendline analysis, also gives long term trend trader an early edge to execute trades before well before a trendline is established or broken.

Why is it useful?

Technical analysis is an essential part of any effective trading strategy, and its use is becoming increasingly popular especially among institution investors. If you are new to technical analysis, Stockcharts.com chart school is a pretty good place to start. But I suggest you read a few books if you really want to know it well. Among all technical analysis methods, chart pattern recognition is the most difficult one because it does not have a simple formula for each chart pattern. For example, RSI or MACD have defined mathematical formula, but head and shoulder patterns more qualitative and subject to human interpretation, thus not well defined.

Usually, most investors are able to recognize the patterns in the stocks that they are already following, or watch list, once in a blue moon, they stumble across a head and shoulder or triangular consolidation. Chart patterns usually generate the stronger move and bigger profit compared to other indicators. This is partly due to their popularity. Many market participant who watch close at their holdings will act based on these patterns. There is a lot of missed opportunities if you consider the number of stocks traded in today's global market.

The pattern recognition algorithms I developed uses state of the art Deep Learning Neural Networks and has been extensively tested against 50+ years of historical market data over thousands of stocks and ETF. It not only finds every human recognizable pattern, but also ensures the market beating high profitability outcomes. Chart patterns and trendlines are very useful for long term predictions whereas TR/TD indicators are accurate in short term turning points.

More to come

Screenulator has come a long way! Not only is it a unique chart pattern screener, but also boast a complete financial charting software suite across many platforms. Interactive Stock Charts is available on Desktop Computer, Android and iOS. Browser support is coming soon as well! Screenulator is also constantly evolving always taking in new ideas and suggestions from customers. I always strive to improve and discover more trading techniques every few months! There are some ongoing projects including Candlestick pattern recognition, Future indicator projection allows you to drag future projected price point to see indicator changes. and more hard to recognize Chart Patterns Please Contact me if you have suggestions an exciting ideas you would like to see in my apps!

About myself


My name is Joe Qi. After working for a software company for 8 years, I wanted a change in life - not to be chained to a cubicle day after day and not having to commute in rush hour traffic and stress over the next status report meetings. Most of all, I did not want to be afraid of losing my job because of economy or things I have no control over. I wanted to have be the master of my own destiny, and spend more time with my family and things I really want to do in life!

I had some experience with trading stocks before, but was not successful enough to make money consistently, yet deep down, I knew it was possible. I just know it is not the luck I lacked, but a good method and time needed to develop and experiment. After 2 years of backtesting and paper trading, I was finally confident enough to trade with real money. Today, I make a comfortable income even with limited initial capital while continually developing even better trading algorithms with Screenulator! Now, I use my free time to travelling, learning to dance, working on my cars and other hobbies!

My journey began when I was an computer engineering student at University of Toronto. I became interested in stock market at the time the crazy dot-com boom was happening. I made thousands trading internet stocks between classes, then lost it all and more when the bubble burst. I did not know what I did wrong, I followed all the advice from my broker and I read many books on investing and watched daily news closely. I gave up and thought stock market was a scam.

Then I heard about technical analysis, however, I was skeptical about it so I dismissed its idea from the very beginning. How can reading chart which has nothing to do with fundamentals of business tell you anything about performance of the stock and even predict anything in the future? Like many I discarded the idea without a second thoughts because it did not seem reasonable. But my lingering interest in the market and frequent conversation with friends and co-workers reveal many people are making the same mistake I did when I lost my shirt during dot-com time. However, they are completely oblivious about what they are doing. I am talking about blind speculation based on limited public knowledge about the stock while the chart shows exactly the opposing trend.

I studied charts more and found they are better predictors than any news accounts or balance sheets. I was still very cautious. Losing a lot of money in college makes you very skeptical about anything. However, I am a believer of science and do not reject any idea unless proven false. To make a long story short, I studied numerous technical analysis approaches and devoted much of my free time to test their ideas. When I say test, I don't mean just buying some software and running simulation on a set of stocks. I was paranoid about it all, I did not trust vendor software did not trust market data they sell. I did EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH.

It helps that I am proficient in computer programming. I wrote my own charting software, back testing system, statistical analysis system, and I proved a lot of technical analysis indicators completely useless. I tested both long and short trading systems too, in bull or bear market and in many different stocks as well as markets. I found nothing worked universally, not even in historical backtesting, I did not even get to the real time simulation.

Nothing passed historical testing. Some worked well in a selected time period, but failed miserably in others. I did nothing in the next 2 years thinking it is impossible to beat the market, but one day an idea came to me. I called out sick from work for a week and worked on my own trading system. In the next year, I spent all my free time developing and optimizing a system that works in all kinds of market, whether up, down or flat.

Gradually, I discovered some chart patterns worked better than others, and some combination of chart patterns and technical indicators such as RSI and MACD worked even better. It is through countless hours of experimenting and backtesting, I began to realize it takes more than a simple technical indicator or chart pattern that works universally in all markets at all times. A two step process is developed - first identify long term market conditions by looking at long term charts - such as 5 - 10 year charts with some fundamental analysis in the background. Secondly, develop a medium term strategy based on the current environment to trade (1 - 2 years no more). Also, it is not good to stick with just a few stocks as you concentrate all your capital in a small risk group. If one sector gets hit your whole fortune goes with it. Therefore, it is better to trade short to medium term (3 - 6 months), but based on a very long term (5+ years) outlook in a diversified portfolio of more than 10 stocks Because of the frequent shuffling is needed in portfolio and more than 5000 medium cap stocks listed in US market alone, I had to develop a way to quickly screen for stocks on any given day according to a very specific criteria. Thus I developed this automated system to iterate through my chart pattern detector.

Finally, I combined all of my experience in actual trading and software development into a deep learning neural networks AI algorithm to verify and refine my results against 50+ years of historical data, and this is the result of today's Screenulator chart pattern screener and TR/TD stock picks!

I often get asked a lot what is my method I use. It really depends on your trading style, time frame, and risk tolerance as I mentioned above. I personally find patterns based on trendlines work the best - especially in combination with RSI. But do not take my word for it, you should find what works best for you through experience. This website helps you filter through thousands of stocks in various markets, so you will often find incredible trading opportunities you'd never otherwise found. And you can do this on a frequent consistent basis to generate predictable returns in long run!

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