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ISCharts Troubleshoot Page

If you have trouble running the desktop Interactive Stock Charts, here are some of the common problems and solutions:

Wrong file type association

Windows archive programs such as ZIP or WinRAR can cause JAR file not to launch. If you have trouble executing JAR file, it is either because you have not installed Java, or there is another program overriding the JAR file such as ZIP or WinRAR treating it as a compressed archive. If you open the JAR file, it shows bunch of subfolders, you fall in the later case. Please right click on the ischart.jar, and select "Open with". What is listed in right-click-> Open With? Is some other program listed as the default program? Is a Java Runtime listed ? If a Java Runtime is listed, you can open with it, and make it the default program to run with.and select Properties. Change the "Opens with" to Java.

Incorrect Java installation

In most cases, it is due to missing Java or wrong Java version being installed on your computer. Make sure you have Java installation on your computer. Please visit please visit www.java.com .

If you still cannot execute JAR file, please just google "How to execute Java jar file", there is plenty of resources on how to run it depending on your computer and operating system. For example: http://www.wikihow.com/Run-a-.Jar-Java-File

Mac OSX Yosemite (or after) security settings

Note for MacOSX users, especially after Yosemite update, default security preferences will not allow you to open any applications that are not from App Store. To chance this security settings, go to Apple - System Preferences - Security and select "Apps downloaded from Anywhere"

Mac OSX: How to launch from Terminal Command Line

For MacOSX users, if you have correctly configured the latest Java installation, you should be able to just double click on "ischarts.jar" in the Downloads folder to open it. However, if you have older version of Java 7 or Java 6, installing Java 8 will not automatically remove / replace it. You will end up with multiple versions of java thus unable to open ischarts.jar program from UI. The following is an instruction on how to locate correct version of Java in your computer and launch ischarts.jar from Terminal Command Line
After you download ischarts.jar it is usually located in /Users//Downloads folder. Use "cd" command to go into that directory.
Command to execute the program is java -jar ischarts.jar

If path to java install is not found, do "whereis java" or "which java", and it will tell you something like:
whereis java

Then run java -jar command to launch:
K-Ys-MacBook-Pro-4:Downloads ky$ /usr/bin/java -jar ischarts.jar

/usr/bin/java is actually a shortcut to the physical java program binary. If it is not the latest version this is because you did not uninstall Java 7 or even older version of Java from your computer correctly. If this is the case, please continue reading how to configure the latest Java installation correctly.

MacOSX: Multiple java installations and $JAVA_HOME path

Simply installing Java 8 will not remove previously installed Java 7 or Java 6 from your Mac. This results in trying to open ischarts.jar with older version of Java without you realizing it. Please ensure the your $JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to correct (the latest Java executable path) in order to run ischarts.jar correctly. $JAVA_HOME is an environmental variable that tells your Mac Computer where to find "java" to run the ischarts.jar program.
To see where currently $JAVA_HOME is set: echo $JAVA_HOME in command line
To set new path to $JAVA_HOME: export $JAVA_HOME (path) where (path) is the path to the correct Java installation.

How do you find where all the Java installation paths are?

Answer: It depends on which Java installation you have. Some common examples: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0_17.jdk/Contents/Home/
/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/

Note that "java" executable is located in .../Home/bin/ directory. So you can simply "cd" into that directory, and run "./java -version" to check its version, then use "export" command to set $JAVA_HOME (export $JAVA_HOME /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/), then "cd" to Downloads folder, and run "java -jar ischarts.jar" to execute the program.

Windows 8 / 10 App Blockers and Security Setings

Since Windows 8 and windows 10, default security settings are especially high so that apps other than Microsoft signed or from Windows AppStore are automatically blocked. Please change this security setting to allow ISC to excute. Also if you cannot seem to get market data or activate license key it is because your internet access is blocked by overly aggresive security setting or blockers, such as firewall or anti-malware programs.
OR you could be behind a company LAN / proxy server. Read below.

Proxy server

Q: I cannot access desktop application from my work computer
Most office computers access internet via a proxy server which is common in a LAN (local area network). You IT administrator has a proxy host and port number. This information should also already be set in your internet browser such as Chrome or IE. Enter this proxy host and port number in the "Network proxy setting" section of "Settings" Tab of your ISCharts desktop application.

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