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The Desktop ISC Application Finally HERE!

Note: This is a standalone program, not a browser plugin. After downloading the program, do NOT login back to website and expect charts to appear on webpages! ISC app does not require web login! Please follow the installation instructions below for run the program.

What's new?      Now supports two parallel indicators!

Download Links:

JAR File
The Jar file is an executable Java program, which can be run on any Operating Systems with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed. To install Java, please visit www.java.com

1. First, make sure you have Java installation on your computer. Please visit please visit www.java.com if you don't.

2. Click on the link below to download the JAR file.
Download Jar File (for All OS)     (Last update May 24th, 2020: v2.07: bug fixes, v2.05 Add IEX market data support and streaming intraday charts for US stocks.Indicator Playground allows you to visualize change in indicator value as you move future prices!   Indicator Reliability Lab added to enable instant backtesting and reliability of trading strategy!. 32 Candlestick Pattern Screeners and in-chart historical scanners, Auto-refresh, Indicator MA overlays, Mac OSX Java compatibility fix, CCI color shading

3. The downloaded file should be "ischarts.jar" in your default download folder. You can run it as is, but it is better to move to your program folders or desktop so you can easily find it next time when you want to run it.
For Mac users, drag the "ischarts.jar" to the Application folder, or desktop, or application launcher bar.
For Windows users, ischarts.jar file should usually be in your Downloads folder. You can double click to run it as is, or drag it or create a shortcut on your desktop, or another folder where you can easily remember.

Do Not Login the website!!  The desktop program is completely independent of web login.

Note: If you have trouble executing JAR file, it is either because you have not installed Java, or there is another program overriding the JAR file such as ZIP or WinRAR treating it as a compressed archive. If you open the JAR file, it shows bunch of subfolders, you fall in the later case. Please right click on the ischart.jar, and select "Open with". What is listed in right-click-> Open With? Is some other program listed as the default program? Is a Java Runtime listed ? If a Java Runtime is listed, you can open with it, and make it the default program to run with.and select Properties. Change the "Opens with" to Java.

How to use command line to open ischarts.jar

To check currently refereced Java, go to command line (Windows button - Run - "cmd")
type: "java -version" followed by [ENTER]
If it's 1.8.0 something it's Java 8, if it's 1.7... it's Java 7

Once you locate the correct path of Java 8, go the directory where ischarts.jar is located, type:
[path to java] -jar ischarts.jar [ENTER]
In my case, my Java directory is at "c:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_91\bin\java" and my ischarts.jar is located in Download
folder: "c:\Users\Joe\Downloads"

I copy my command prompt output as follows:
c:\>cd "c:\Users\Joe\Downloads"
c:\Users\Joe\Downloads>"c:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_91\bin\java" -jar ischarts.jar

If you still have trouble launching the ISC program, please watch my video tutorial and go to my ISCharts Troubleshoot Help Page.

The program should be functional for the first few runs then it will ask you for licence key

To obtain licence key to activate the program, please visit Licence Purchase Page

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