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Pro-ChartsInteractive Stock Charts in over 15+ world markets! High quality charts with touch interactions - Zoom, scroll, popup info bubble, manual trendline drawing. Basic technical indicators and overlays. Real time RSS news feed. Ads free. $10 - One Month
$50 $40 - 6 Months
$100 $70 - 12 Months
Trendlines + Chart Patterns Screeners PackPro-Charts + Automated trendline generation, drawing, Classical Chart Pattern and Trendline pattern Screeners: Topline breakout, bottom line breakdown, Triangular consolidation (wedge), Near support, Near resistance, Double Top, Double Bottom, Head and Shoulder, Flat channel breakouts, break downs, Rounding bottoms, Fast risers, decliners. Oscillator based screeners: RSI(14), RSI(30), Fast/Slow stochastics, MCAD, MFI, ADX, +/-Directional Indicator. Statistical: new 52 week high/low, volume surge, unusual price increase / decrease, consecutive up / down days. Custom Screeners $25 - One Month
$150 $130 - 6 Months
$260 $240 - 12 Months
TR/TD + Ichimoku PackPro-Charts + Trend Reversal Indicator (aka/derived from TD Sequential) + Ichimoku Cloud indicators. Screeners on the following criteria: Buy/Sell Reversal Completion, Buy/Sell Reversal Perfection, Buy/Sell 13-Exhaustion Completion, Buy/Sell 13-Exhaustion Perfection.
Bi-weekly intraday scalping picks and eBook by Jason Perl for 6 months or more subscribers.
$25 - One Month
$150 $130 - 6 Months
$260$220 - 12 Months
Master Trader PackAll of the above $40 - One Month
$240 $210 - 6 Months
$420 $380 - 12 Months
*   Reduced Pricing Now till November 26th!, Reduced prices on 6-month and 12-month subscriptions!
* You will also receive a FREE copy of e-book "DeMark Indicators" by Jason Perl and the access to Joe's Intraday picks and TR indicator guide! when you signup 6 or 12 months subscriptions of TR or Master Trader Package!

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