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Top watched stocks of 2013
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Top Singapore symbols
S68.SI, O39.SI, N21.SI, C31.SI, G13.SI, K2N.SI, Z74.SI, S58.SI, 5EN.SI, S63.SI, BN4.SI, H19.SI, OJ4.SI, U77.SI, F34.SI, 5ME.SI, O87.SI, Y92.SI, D05.SI, D2U.SI, JS8.SI, I9T.SI, 5JS.SI, S59.SI, J85.SI, D01.SI, Y02.SI, T13.SI, L03.SI, E5H.SI, AK3.SI, A33.SI, M44U.SI, KT9.SI, 5CQ.SI, C6L.SI, P30.SI, O32.SI, K2LU.SI, DZ8U.SI, C33.SI, S51.SI, MS7.SI, L6T.SI, D1R.SI, AW9U.SI, U11.SI, S10.SI, O2F.SI, JS5.SI, A17U.SI, U09.SI, O10.SI, F11.SI, C6U.SI, C38U.SI, AU8U.SI, A50.SI, 5IB.SI, O5RU.SI, O23.SI, MC0.SI, 5QT.SI, 5MZ.SI, 5GI.SI, 5GC.SI, Z59.SI, T82U.SI, T39.SI, N2IU.SI, N03.SI, F83.SI, 5GJ.SI, T03.SI, OV8.SI, NO4.SI, N01.SI, KF4.SI, K71U.SI, J7X.SI, J37.SI, GJ8.SI, F99.SI, F31.SI, C76.SI, C2PU.SI, B03.SI, A26.SI, 600.SI, 5DN.SI, 568.SI, T09.SI, S24.SI, R01.SI, K75.SI, J91U.SI, H13.SI, G07.SI, EB5.SI, C8R.SI, C07.SI, 5FD.SI, T55.SI, NR7.SI, N9LU.SI, I12.SI, CC3.SI, A78.SI, 545.SI, 530.SI, Y35.SI, U96.SI, S19.SI, N4E.SI, MU7.SI, L23.SI, H78.SI, GU5.SI, F9D.SI, DT2.SI, B2F.SI, B22.SI, 5SC.SI, 5FH.SI, 550.SI, 504.SI, .SI, Z78.SI, Z25.SI, S20.SI, RE4.SI, R07.SI, OCBC.SI, LJ3.SI, LF1.SI, K17.SI, I26.SI, I19.SI, I03.SI, H15.SI, H07.SI, GZ9.SI, G18.SI, FO8.SI, F25U.SI, F17.SI, E5P.SI, E02.SI, DBS.SI, D5IU.SI, CY6U.SI, C61U.SI, C52.SI, BS6.SI, B07.SI, A30.SI, A27.SI, A05.SI, 5RF.SI, 5FR.SI, 5DA.SI, 585.SI, T24.SI, S44.SI, MQ4.SI, M1P.SI, M01.SI, L12.SI, INNOPAC.SI, H30.SI, G33.SI, G20.SI, F1E.SI, E6R.SI, E1:5DM.SI, C60.SI, B59.SI, B20.SI, B11.SI, 5RK.SI, 5RJ.SI, 5OU.SI, 5CP.SI, 010.SI,
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