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Chi Research LLC operates the These services are provided to users (Users) by paid subscription only and are subject to the following Terms, Conditions and Disclosures.

By using these services, the user accepts theses Terms, Conditions and Disclosures. Carefully read the Terms, Conditions and Disclosures before using Screenulator.

Terms and Conditions: The information in the Screenulator screen results and quotes (the “Service”) is for personal use only. User acknowledges and agrees that Chi Research exclusively owns all rights, title and interest in and to the information provided through the Service and all proprietary rights in the information. Any chart patterns, trendline analysis and technical analysis of stocks are performed by Screenulator's proprietary computer algorithm created by Chi Research. Reproduction, distribution and transmission of any information obtained from the Service are strictly prohibited, except with prior written permission from Chi Research. User further agrees not to use or permit anyone to use the information provided through the Service for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose. In the event user reproduces, distributes or transmits any such information without the express written permission from Chi Research, said User consents to the entry of judgment in favor of Chi Research and against said User in the sum of $50,000.00, plus attorney fees. This Service contains trading record and trading system performance evaluation strictly based on trading methodology described in the methodology section, we believe to be the most reliable method in the industry; however we make no warranties or guarantees that future performance will be the same.

We are NOT investment advisors and do not make recommendations to buy, sell, short or otherwise place orders relating to any stocks or securities mentioned or discussed. All the stocks and symbols generated from either Default Screeners or Customized Screeners are based on computer algorithms for chart pattern analysis to help investors to screen for stocks that fits their particular criteria of interest. Investors should make trading decisions based on their own trading strategy and methodology and fully research the investments fundamentals, in combination of the information generated from Screenulator. The responsibility for decisions made from information contained in the Service lies solely with the individual making those decisions.

Market Data Support:

Market data are derived from Google and Yahoo finance, and Sina. For US, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Google Finance provides realtime quotes. Yahoo finance provides wider world market coverage such as Jakarta, Singapore, EU countries and Hong Kong. We are not liable for availability or accuracy of market data, especially non-US, or low liquidity penny stocks. Rounding errors are expected for stocks under $0.10 See Symbols support for more details.

Subscription Cancellation:

You may cancel subscription at any time if you are not satisfied with the results or for any reason before the next recurring payment. Subscription made from PayPal can be done from your PayPal account by selecting the original transaction and cancel subscription. Subscriptions by direct credit card payment can be cancelled by contacting me at with subject title "Cancel", and include license key, email address and subscription package in the email body. Direct credit card subscribers must give notice at least five business days before the renewal date. Once cancellation is processed, your future recurring payment will stop. The already paid subscription will be valid until the end date of subscription, there will be no refund of the already paid subscriptions as we do not track your usage during the subscription period. We always strive to improve the service therefore, feedback is encouraged before cancelling. If you missed cancellation before the renewal date, I usually give partial refunds depending on circumstances. Please do not escalate to disputes with your card issuer or bank, as they will hurt your credit rating, and also cost extra administration fees.

Privacy and Security:
Payment Information:  We use the secure two-token authentication algorithm for handling your payments. We never collect or store your credit card, bank, BitCoin, PayPal information. Instead, we use payment gateways (PayPal and Stripe) to process payments, and your credit card data is directly passed to their server for processing. Transaction fees charged by these gateway companies are included in the price. However, once paid subscription fees are not refundable for this same reason.

User name, email, and password:  Your user name, password, email address will never be shared or sold to any 3rd party company or government entities. Your email address is only require to communicate to you with new Screenulator updates, inquiries, and account activations. It will not be used for promotion, unsolicited sales contacts or any other commercial purposes.
Your user name and passwords are encrypted with RSA-128 bit algorithm on Screenulator server for your protection. In case of breach, hackers will not be able to read or decypher you user id because the encrypted data appears random and meaningless without decryption. Brute force method of trial and error on decryption key will take millions of years, therefore not possible for anyone who attempt.

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